Solutions for Interactive education


Kinds of eductional materials like documents, pictures and videos could be shared to the screen and annotated when the teacher is having the presentation. Supporting Zoom gestures, rotate, move, cut and so on.


Includes various of writing mode with different tools, pictures, PPT, word and other files can be insert on the whiteboard software for presentations, also can be saved as pictures and PDF.


institution: Recording videos is supported during the teacher’s class presentation, including writing, screen operation, class live, teacher’s voice, etc. It is quite convenient to review and study for those who are absent.

High Brightness 450nits
Due to the SideView LED backlight design,the panel's brightness of normal Interactive touch screen in the market, is only 80~200cd/m2. Compared with this normal backlight design, the Direct-type LED backlight design of EKAA touch screen is obviously more professional and scientific, its heat cooling would be uniformly distributed and more than 50,000 hours of Backlight life time is guaranteed. However the normal touch screen only maintain around 10,000hours.

Dual System
Dual Android & Windows systme built-in, could be switched anytime. It would be more easier to maintain as the OPS Design. Meanwhile the system supports touch outputs

4K UHD & Multi-touch 10 Points
The IR 10 point touch screen makes the writing more fluency and more stable

Special customized high-power Speakers

Speacial Six-speakers design with left and right channels and self-regulation between treble and bass. The sounds is outstanding and mellow


Support external 4K 12.0Megapixels camera with Super microphone
10-20meters voice pick up range with echo& noise cancellation


Feature 1- Clear image with 4K UDH Resolution
178°:178°full-view, 450nits, High color saturation



Feature 2- Support Dual System switching
OPS Computer, easy maintenance, support external device connection and touch



Feature 3- Hi-Fi Quality Speakers
Speacial Six-speakers design, left and right channels, 360°sound system with outstanding sound quality



Supports external 4K camera with 12.0Megapixels& build-in Super microphone (optional)
Easy plug and play, convenient for communication and online video call, build-in super microphone, voice pick up range at least 10 meters.



Stand Trolley (Optional)
Alumimum Alloy design, Height Adjustable for different visual environment

Software Features

Screen Share
All contents of teacher’s tablet including videos, pictures and details of webpage, could be shared to EKAA Smart board easily, which also can be annotated on the screen.
Interactive Whiteboard
Equipped with various of writing mode and rich educational tools. Supporting pictures, PPT, word and other documents’ insert and presentation, the full lessons could be saved as pictures or PDF.
Interactive Class
Smart board is remote controlled by teacher’s device, real time exam, Q&A helps to increase class efficiency and better education. Students can enjoy the lessons including random test, multi-screens share, increase the interaction. All people can share their source with each other.
Wireless Screen Share, Easy File Transportation
Whiteboard software, rich writing mode, annotation, zoom, cleaning
Either meeting or class could be recording with voice and video
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